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After the 12 days of voting these are the final results:

Cannons 4% [ 1 ]
Falling Stars 8% [ 2 ]
Free Fall 8% [ 2 ]
Fundee 25% [ 6 ]
Red Jumpy Ball 8% [ 2 ]
Tanks 8% [ 2 ]
The Man Who Had A Boat 37% [ 9 ]

Total Votes : 24

As you see, the winner is The Man Who Had A Boat by Lachie Dazdarian(me).

The official cup with the winner's name.

Originally I didn't wanted to win this challenge since I organized it but still wanted to participate. Leaving my entry out of competition would mean patronizing others and putting myself on a special position. So I decided to include my entry in the official poll. In no way I influenced on the results of the challenge and therefore my victory is unquestionable. The Man Who Had A Boat is definitely not an addictive game. It has a doubtful gameplay and low replay value. Nevertheless the entire "package" was nice, from the graphic, levels and story so that's probably something people liked the most. Anyway, I started something that I was able to finish, polish and debug completely in that short given amount of time.

These were the instructions given to the people in the voting poll:
The most important thing you should pay attention to is the gameplay. Simply, how fun is to play the game. How good balanced is the challenge. The replay value.
Second most important thing is the cleverness and ingeniously in creation of a concept that works great with one control key. I'm not putting this on the first place since a good idea doesn't have to be very well executed and may result in a bad game. Still this is something you should have in mind.
Third element is technical perfection of the game which influences on the gameplay quite a lot. If the game is difficult to play because keyboard handler sucks or collision is bad you probably won't enjoy playing it. Technical perfections also includes flicker or no flicker, menu accessibility, presence of bugs, stuff like ability do try again if you lose the game and similar.
Fourth is the graphic. An important element but should not be crucial for this challenge due the time limit and gameplay restriction.
The rest is game design, sound, music, documentation, story, and anything you can think of.

These were of course just the guidelines. Each forum member was allowed to vote whatever he liked.