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Totaly 7 entries were sumbitted for this challenge. Here you can check the screenshots, short discriptions and download them.

By alphabetical order:

Title: Cannons
Author: red_Marvin
Screenshot: 1,2
Short discription: Scorched Earth clone featuring an option of adding custom made terrain graphic. No AI.
Download: cannons.zip

Title: Falling Starz
Author: James Kinney(aka mech1031)
Screenshot: 1
Short discription: Monochrome, space ship, asteroid shooter.
Download: fstars.zip

Title: Free Fall
Author: RST
Screenshot: 1,2
Short discription: Vertical scroller with a space ship.
Download: FFall.zip

Title: Fundee
Author: adosorken(aka Necrophidius)
Screenshot: 1,2
Short discription: Shooting game with running stickmen and tomatoes.
Download: Fundee.zip

Title: Red Jumpy Ball
Author: Ryan
Screenshot: 1
Short discription: One screen, level based, arcade platform game.
Download: rjb.zip

Title: Tanks
Author: potato
Screenshot: 1
Short discription: Top view, one screen, arcade game with tanks.
Download: tanks.zip

Title: The Man Who Had A Boat
Author: Lachie Dazdarian
Screenshot: 1,2
Short discription: Arcade game with a boat featuring 3 levels.
Download: boat.zip

You can download ALL the entries here.