PONG WORZ ver.1.2.

Pong Worz is another variation of classic pong game.

This pong game has many features and different modes of playing the game which makes it playable for a longer period of time and more interesting than most of the 2D pong games you played before.

Download the game here(103Kb).

Game features:
-several game modes(including classic pong mode)
-option of playing against computer or human player
-ability to use weapons
-different background and opponent paddle for each level in tournament mode
-option of turning on the wind(effects the movement of ball)
-ability to choose different paddles in tournament mode
-option of playing with two balls
-powerups which appear if you destroy asteroids or cargo ships
-paddles move with acceleration and inertia

I was motivated to make this pong game since I played several very bad 2D pong games which disappointed me in graphic and gameplay.

With Pong Worz I tried to introduce few totally new features that never appeared before in pong games. Since I didn't played all pong games ever made I cannot be sure how much Pong Worz is really original.

Overall, I think Pong Worz is interesting and relatively original pong game. Hope you'll enjoy it.

Reviews:GameHippo, QuickBasic Accelerator, Lovely Pressure, VPlanet(against my better judgement)