Rocket Fuel Mayhem is one screen, spaceship battle game with gravity. Teams, consisted of same number of spaceships fight each other using main weapons and special abilities until complete destruction of one team.

R.F.M. is very much made in the style of Star Control melee.

Download the game here(308 Kb).

Game features:
- 8 different ships, each with unique characteristics, weapon and special ability
- animated pilots featuring each ship model
- 6 different arenas featuring ones without gravity
- tournament and extra modes
- AI and two player support
- two secret arenas and one secret ship appearing in the tournament
- large game database with info about the universe, races, ships, arenas, ...over 26 sections with illustrations
- cool end tournament animation
- MIDI background music

This is my 5th game, very detailed, with a lot of content and a lot of effort was put into it. I hope you'll apreciate it.

Reviews : VPlanet , Delta Code

For those who don't read readme files :

If you are running R.F.M. from Windows 2000 or Windows XP you NEED to allocate XMS memory! How? You must create a shortcut to RFM.EXE and modify it. Just right click on RMF.EXE and create a shortcut. Right click on the shortcut and access properties. In properties memory menu alter the amount of XMS memory to maximum offered. This game comes with an already made shortcut but it will only work if you unzip the game in RFM directory on C: drive. Otherwise you'll have to modify it.