POXIE ver.1.2

Poxie is a 2D action game that combines pacman and platform game concept, featuring vertical scrolling, 320*200 resolution, 256 colors graphic and Sound Blaster sound effects and music.

The game concept is based on(borrowed from) a relatively unknown QBasic game called Panic Vicious made by HUR.

Download the game here:
Poxie.zip (2.2 MB)
PoxieLite.zip (0.23 MB) - No sounds and music
Download Panic Vicious here(the game on which Poxie is based on):panicv.zip

Other game features:
*6 stages each with different background graphic
*3 worlds(2 stages per world) each featuring it's own enemies and foreground graphic
*6 types of enemies
*2 types of enemy AIs(movement algorithm)
*several layers of animated graphic
*ability to play the game in full screen and window mode
*ability to play the game in stripped graphic mode (no dizzy background and animations)
*game ending worth being mentioned

Poxie is KENTAURI's first 32-bit game compiled in FreeBASIC.