This is the list of projects which I plan to start in the near future. For few of them I done some initial stuff,like few tiles or worked out concept.

Dark Quest Chapter 2 : The Source - A sequel to original Dark Quest. Story is for some time in my head and I planed from the start to create a Dark Quest serie.I don't plan to make large improvements in tiles or sprites since I mostly reached my limits with the original.What I plan to do is to make a different a gameplay,without short levels,with more dialoges,turnovers and unique characters.And hopefully more different tilesets.

Slaying Dragon Tales - Title of this project is very temporary.Main idea is to create a Super Mario like platform game,where in this case you control a knight and battle with level enemies on more exciting way. My inspiration comes from an Amiga game who's name I can't remember now. What is remember is that it had sharp and flat level graphic,stooge like sprites and moon like gravity but a very addictive gameplay. It's just a game style that very much appeals to me as a game designer and I will probably start to work on it after Ignition.

Towers - Another platform game,which main idea is moving up,in other words climbing throught towers,avoiding obsticales in order to reach a specific machine on the top of tower and activate it.I have the story done and few sprites and tiles.But after Slaying Dragon Tales idea came to me Towers doesn't seem that much fun anymore.

StarLast - A large,top view,space adventure/action/manager game where you take role of a space freelancer.I had this idea long before i learned to code.Most of the game would be based around adventure elements and space battles.You would have several ways to finish the game and two or three endings althought i like to keep to main objective clear and not have to many game paths.It's just the type of gameplay I prefer,something like Star Control 2.I have the world,story and game paths worked out.It's a lot of work and i don't know if i'll ever be capable to finish it.But if i evey make it like i imagined it from the start it will be a great game. It's more a dream than a project.

Space Race - Similar to StarLast just this game would invole track races with space ships.Possible some tracks would be on planet surfaces.It's an interesting concept by my opinion.Already done i know,but I have some nice ideas about rules and overall concept.Something to think about.

I have more but i think this is enough for now.....