26.10.2005 - I'm releasing another version of Poxie(version 1.2) and it's probably the last. The changes are a new option in the game options which allows you to pick between two types of scrolling. Continuous, more realistic and limited, the old one you know from the previous versions. I also added an extra option in the setup menu which allows you to enable or disable "100 CPU usage" because not allowing it caused some trembling with scrolling of full screen images(only on the game options, highscores and credits screen). More about the reasons for these changes read in the read me file. And like I said, probably the last version of Poxie.

14.09.2005 - Finally an update. I've released a brand new game. Poxie, my first 32-bit game compiled in FreeBASIC. It was completed a whole month ago but I was unable to release it before today. Please check the game page for more info. Some of you might have expected for Evil Baron Lachie to be completed but I gave up on that game for many reasons. Download the unfinished, Space Invaders competition edition of EBL here: Evil Baron Lachie download

No other news or announcements. Sorry.

16.05.2005 - First, I must congratulate you for still visiting my site. You must love me very much. :P Anyway, what is happening with? I'm switching to a new compiler, FreeBasic. In a nutshell, it's 32-bit version of QBasic with huge amount of expansions, mostly in form of imported libs which I will probably never use. I'm not giving up on my retro concept. I added two new reviews. One of Rocket Fuel Mayhem by Delta Code and one of Ball Blazing Fantasy by QuickBasic Accelerator. At this point BBF has 5 reviews. Whoa! Thanx people for playing and reviewing my games. I also fixed some dead review links but I did not replaced the VPlanet dead links since I'm waiting for that site to start operating. The last thing I did was Evil Baron Lachie in QBasic for Remake Space Invaders competition(QB Express). It will be ported to FreeBasic in few months. Stay tuned.

26.01.2005 - I have a new PC now which will allow me to do countless number of things I was not able to do before. Including faster and safer coding. Sadly, I'm currently very busy with college obligations so the release date of LONG is still not determined. Nevertheless, the development of it is not postponed indefinitely anymore.

21.09.2004 - VERY BAD NEWS! My monitor got broke! Arg!! Since my stone age PC was giving me problems with starting up for months too I decided to take all of it in the trash and give it a rest. I'm really sorry about this but there is nothing I can do about it. So, for the time being the development of the LONG is postponed indefinitely. I cannot tell when I will get/buy a new PC. In a month, in a year...Who knows? I'm really disappointed because I was really determined to finish LONG before getting rid of my old hardware. Other news...I added new links to reviews of Ball Blazing Fantasy, Run 'Em Over, Another World Memory and Detective Academy. This sums up to 17 reviews totally so I must thank all the reviewers once more for taking the time to play my games. Until better times...Cheers!

30.08.2004 - Not a major update. I just added two links to relatively new reviews. One of Detective Academy(first one at all) and one of Pong Worz. No, I did not finished LONG. But I'm close to it. If you are more interested check this thread:

19.04.2004 - The site is back up! No real news and I don' think there will be any soon. Sorry. It's busy time for me. Cheers!

01.03.2004 -KENTAURI has a new release! It's called Detective Academy. It's a game if observation and memorizing featuring a unique and original concept. I know, I promised to some people that I won't work on anything else until I finish LONG but this is only a mini game created for a HOTU forum game making competition in which I just HAD to participate. Hope you'll have few hours of fun with it.

17.12.2003 - I opened a special page for the one key challenge that I started and have been managing for the past two months in Qbasic community. Check it out.
One Key Challenge - The Official Site

09.10.2003 - We have a new host! Yes, thank god! A proper one. Brinkster, eat my dust! Anyway, from today this site is hosted by very good people from The Star Alliance and once again, a big thank you to them for doing this. My site is still accessable with the URL which links you to the new site location.

Also there are some extra news not related to host change. All zip files of my games are now virus free! Several people warned me about this some time ago and I was aware of it myself. I knew I had to deal with this problem sooner or later. Anyway, I had to recompile all my games and zip them again in order to get rid of the virus. This virus was ancient and completely harmless. Unfortenatuly majority of anti-virus programms detected it and even blocked downloading or unpacking of my games on some people's PC. So like I said, this problem is solved. During the process of recompiling I've fixed some grammar and spelling mistakes in my older games like REO, Another World Memory and Pong Worz. Nothing big enough for a new version.

30.09.2003 - Added a history page about KENTAURI going from my starts in game design till today. It's just bunch of text. Read it if interested.

11.09.2003 - Ball Blazing Fantasy is released! Arcade game with balls featuring two game modes, loads of different graphic, vibrant menus, fun and challenging gameplay and much more. Bunch of stuff you never saw before in our other products. A must see! Ok enough selling. Just check it.

Also, I've released a new version of Rocket Fuel Mayhem. It's mostly bug fixes and some polishing. No add-ons! Still, I recommend you get this last version.

09.01.2003 - I've finished another game, titled Ball Blazing Fantasy but it's currently being beta tested so you will have to wait for it for few weeks or even a month. I'm kinda busy with college obligations now so doing the neccesary bug fixes might take more time than it should. Check the Ball Blazing Fantasy project page for some screenshots.

23.06.2003. - New version of Rocket Fuel Mayhem has been released, version 1.1. Changes are small, mostly related to grammar and spelling mistakes in the database but I've also found few "very hard to spot" bugs left in the code. Check readme.txt file (Version Updates) for more detailed info. People who downloaded, liked and kept a copy of RFM should deffinetly get this last version. Also a notification that I won't be online most of the seventh and the entire eight month.

09.06.2003. - Rocket Fuel Mayhem finnaly released! One screen, space ship battle game in the style of Star Control melee is available for download. Check the Rocket Fuel Mayhem page for more information. Now!

03.06.2003 - Just a small announcement. Rocket Fuel Mayhem is very near completion and will probably be released in two weeks. All that needs to be finished is end tournament animation. And I need to do a lot of nitpicking.

Also I've discovered the wonders of animated GIFs so here is the one I made. Cheers!

10.04.2003 - I've updated Rocket Fuel Mayhem project page with some news. People from my mailing list already read/saw it. So they won't see anything new.

3.3.2003 - I started a new project.To be more precise I made something playable from my new project so I opened a page for it.It's called Rocket Fuel Mayhem. For now only a screenshot and some info is available.I don't want to release a demo yet and probably won't.I prefer that game adictive gameplay remains a nice suprise.

27.1.2003 - New version of Pong Worz is released.This one features a new match in tournament mode,new options in extra modes like option to change the brightness of sprites and background or turn on the wind.I fixed few bugs including the "ball bouncing inside the paddle" bug. Also in asteroid blast I added the Mamooth battle.What is it?Go to Pong Worz page,download the new version and check it.

7.1.2003 - I'm releasing a new game!Another World Memory.Wohooo! It's a classic memory game with graphic from Another World. It has several modes,including human or CPU opponent,solo challenge and options like playing with different game field sizes and backgrounds.I think you'll like it,you....

Also during the hollydays I did a lot of the work on the LONG.New scenes,save/load game routines and about 60% of the code.It drained me quite a lot.No screenies. Sorry,I don't want to reveal scenes which you won't be able to see on the begining of the game.

And...Favorite Son project had been canceled.It was mostly my bad judgement for starting it in the first place.

That's it for now.Cheers!

2.12.2002 - Started jiffing with a new project.It's meant to be a mini RPG for DarkDread's competition but since he's board is down for a week now,I don't know what kind of compo this really is. :P

Anyway,title is "Favorite Son",game concept is designed to have a big replay value and tiles and sprites suck as usually so I'm not too happy.But I made a nice map randomizer. Currently I'm searching someone to help me with sprites and tiles.We'll see. But don't get your hopes up.

18.11.2002 - Changed the color of text and links.Added buttons to some of my favorite QB sites.

11.11.2002 - New demo of LONG is available.It's not a big update on the old demo.Code has been rewriten,new main menu added,story intro redesigned and one new scene added. I just wanted to remove the old crappy demo from the net permanently.This one uses XMS.Enjoy.

5.11.2002 - Worked on Ignition story intro.I'm very happy with the result.This is a screenshot from it.

I always hated textual stories so I try to avoid that in my games.It's nothing spectacular but it's an improvement from the intro you saw in Dark Quest,since this one will have animated parts and will include scrolling. I cannot talk about Ignition relase dates since the project is in early stage of developement. What I can reveal from the story is that it will be Dune like,with religious elements and not based on classic good-evil battle.I don't like that kind of stories.

24.10.2002 - Brought back Ritual Combat on projects page.For those who don't know Ritual Combat was my second project and demo of it was my first fully playable programm.Currently it's in sleep mode,I don't know will I ever finish it. So if you haven't checked it before,try out the old demo. It's cool.

23.10.2002 - Updated new version of Pong Worz.Only bux fixes and few corrections in the code.If you already downloaded my game, liked it and desided to keep a copy of it please download this new version.

21.10.2002 - Pong Worz is released!It's a original and unique pong game with several different modes of playing the game and cool features like ablity to use weapons.
Just click on Pong Worz page and read more on it.

10.10.2002 - Site is updated with a new project,PONG WORZ.It's a variation of classic pong game.You can check the screenshot and read some more info about it.Also Dark Quest page is updated with TIPS file.

26.09.2002 - I've uploaded a new version of Dark Quest.No visible improvements.I just fixed two bugs.One was rather serious since hero would get stucked with a man from his party if he would get kicked into him.Now that never happens.Also I added a list of pending projects.If curious check it out.

19.09.2002 - Updated old LONG page under projects.There is few new images there.Have a looksee.

13.09.2002 - Since I removed the previous news I will repost the short version. I've completed two games,Dark Quest and Run 'Em Over.Dark Quest is more serious and larger project.It's an action,top view battle game playing in a fantasy world.I'm very eager to hear contructive comments.There is also REO,mini car driving game with buckets of blood in it.

What is acctualy news today is that Dark Quest speed reducer is fixed and now game runs with 18-19 FPS on every PC.Enjoy and gimme feedback!

Also,I'm starting a new project,IGNITION.