DARK QUEST Chapter I : Secret Of The North Lands

Dark Quest is top view, action battle game set in a fantasy world. It's a mixture of several genres: action, strategy and RPG.

Dark Quest offers two game modes.

In Quest Mode you control a hero and party of 4 men, you can use up to 4 spells and you battle against numerous enemies through several levels and sceneries. Sheepz Galore is fun practice mode for relaxing.

Download the game here(263 Kb).

Other game features:
-two player mode
-mana gathering and distribution
-blood splattering effects
-hidden adventure elements
-numerous tactics to use
-graphic story and ending

Dark Quest is my first game. Completely coded in QBasic. Above all it's a proffesionaly done game. Please email your comments or post them in the KENTAURI forum.

If you find the game too difficult please check this TIPS file.

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