Detective academy is a game of observation and memorizing. It features two type of games(tests) in which player has to have a quick and trained eye and fast memory. These tests are graphically and conceptually designed to emulate imaginary detective academy study.

Download it here(157 Kb).

Game features:
-unique, original and rare concept
-two main type of games(tests)
-practice and academy mode
-save game option
-extra graphic and games in academy
-three difficulty levels
-highscore tables

Detective Academy is a mini game but due it's interesting concept it can provide several hours of fun, especially if you can find someone to compete with in practice mode.

Reviews : QB Express,

If you are running it in Windows 2000/XP you need to allocate XMS memory in order for game to work. How? You create a shortcut to DA.EXE(right click on it). Then right click on the shortcut, access the memory menu and change the XMS amount to any above 2000 Kb. Run the shortcut.