Ball Blazing Fantasy is a retro arcade game where the player controls a ball featuring two games in one, Ball Blaze and The Quest.

Download it here(495 Kb).

The Quest is a complete arcade adventure of mineral gathering with various life forms and hazards as obstacles.
Ball Blaze is a soccer like sport where the players are balls too with practice and tournament mode available.

Game features:
- two separate game modes
- 4 Ball Blaze arenas
- Quest featuring 16 levels spread in 4 worlds with scrolling
- password feature
- illustrated story and endings both for Ball Blaze and The Quest
- vibrant menus with highscore table
- MIDI background music

More screenshots:

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If you are running B.B.F. from Windows 2000 or Windows XP you NEED to allocate XMS memory! How? You must create a shortcut to BBF10.EXE and modify it. Just right click on BBF10.EXE and create a shortcut. Right click on the shortcut and access properties. In properties memory menu alter the amount of XMS memory to maximum offered.